To finish it off, s33ds are ideas that I have and that I want to try. Over time these seeds will prosper to beautiful plants.

Zen Garden

My digital Zen Garden is my first seed. Currently it is also the most grown seed, quite like a tiny little sapling. Based on the infamous “release early, release often” modell, I am adding, editing and deleting features and ideas of this project.

Phase: Launched. Growing.

Situation: If you can read this, this seed has been planted and is about to grow into a beautiful plant. I am currently collecting feedback.

Autonomous terrarium

Due to the change of the relationship-status of my friends, this project is postponed without a new date.

Leaving Big-Corp Tech

As surveillance is rising and the abuse of humans private data, I’ve decided to slowly leave the big-corp tech world. At this moment I am using my Raspi 4+1 to set up my personal structure for tools such as IDE’s, password managers, calendars and more. The next step will be leaving plattforms such as Facebook, Discord and co.

Phase: Working on.

Situation: Currently I have moved all my communication to open source and encrypted messengers. I am currently shifting my Google data e/OS/2 and it’s ecosystem. This goes hand in hand with switching from my Huawei phone to a Fairphone 3+3.


  1. Raspi, or Raspberry-Pi is a small single-board computer to run small to medium sized systems, codes and functions. More about Raspberry Pi on Wikipedia

  2. /e/OS is an open-source mobile operating system paired with carefully selected applications. They form a privacy-enabled internal system for your smartphone. And it’s not just claims: open-source means auditable privacy. More about e/OS/ on e-Foundation

  3. The Fairphone is a block-based DIY/Fix-it-yourself phone that cares about our environment and fair wages. More about Fairphone