The w!nd is the direction I am currently going. I was inspired about this by the Now Movement, a sententia to express what you are basically doing right now. As I am a pretty lazy guy when it comes to my own projects, I’ve modified the idea to fit into my Zen Garden. The w!nd is what currently moves me and influences my decisions. As you can imagine, winds can change their directions, split apart, come together and be whatever they want to be right now. To me, w!nd is “temporarily permanent”, my most used oxymoron.


Currently I am moved by the seemingly ignorance and disrespect of privacy by the lawmakers. Their plans to:

  • use biometric data
  • weaken encryption through forcing service providers to backup a “master key” for authroities
  • bypass encryption by installing keyloggers through trojans onto your device pre-encryption
  • declare service providers as telecommunication providers to have more rights to gain access

are a disgusting take on mass surveiling innocent citizen and only lower the bar to extend such laws and capacities / authorities.

In the same moment they try to restrict companies (which is fine to me) to gain data of their users. Making this seem like “protecting privacy, except from us”. This is making me scared to lose fundamental and general basic rights. Due to that I am currently focussed on digital privacy, data policy and civic rights. Feel free to talk to me about that topic, send me information and links to articles right into my DMs on Twitter.


Lockdown madness calmdown

Restrictions are being reduced as more and more people are getting vaccined. And yes, I have had my first vaccination, too. The second one is coming up in a few days. I am looking forward for our lifes to get back to where it all was. Tho I am pretty sure we will take some of the things we have learned with us and will evolve as society.


Currently I have no plans. Thought I am thinking about participating in the local and federal elections (2021/Q3) as supporter. For current ideas and plans, check out my s33ds.

Learning & collecting insight

  • enhancing my JS skills
  • headless CMS
  • getting to know myself better
  • automation
  • decentralization & dWeb
  • transhumanism
  • maximum sustainability design-extremism
  • the human species withouth planet Earth
  • uniting humanity


At this moment I am writing some articles to load some content into my Zen Garden. Also I am pretty much focussed on work right now. I should never forget in what luck I am to have work to do while a significant amount of people in my country has lost their jobs or been put into short shifts due to the pandemic situation.


The summer is starting, the mood is getting more active and relaxation is playing a big part for personal care. Therefore I am listening to a mix of activating and relaxing songs with positiv sounds.

  • Air
  • Bundspecht
  • Dope Lemon
  • LGoony
  • Icke & Er
  • slenderbodies

For more music, feel free to check out my music page in the inspiration section.


I am STILL stuck in the “Foundation” Triology, by Isaac Asimov, but I have managed to read a few more chapters. Additionally I am reading Michael Tomasello’s “A Natural History of Human Thinking”. Currently not reading many articles outside of computer related non-fiction.


I’ve just finished the second season of Love, Death + Robots, Sweet Tooth and recently rewatched The Midnight Gospel.

Here are some movies I’ve recently (re)watched and enjoyed:

  • Stolen (Nicolas Cage ftw)
  • The Drop (great gangster drama)
  • Ten Years (awesome china critical view of Hongkong’s future)


I’ve just been to our hideout in Brandenburg with some friends and have had a few great adventures with them and also got some time to relax and reflect myself. My next trip out of Berlin will be in fall this year.